Massey Ferguson Service Workshop Manuals

Massey Ferguson MF 6495 Tractor Service Repair Manual Specifications 02 - Splitting the tractor 03 - Engine 05 - Gearbox 06 - Rear axle 07 - Power take off 08 - Front axle 09 - Hydraulics 10 - Electrical equipment 11 - Electronics 12 - Cab and equipment 13

Massey Ferguson MF 6400 - Download Workshop Service Manual rus

For 4 cylinder models: 6445-6455-6460-6470

for 6 cylinder models: 6465-6475-6480-6485-6490-6495


F1 10

Front right and rear left side

lights, rear light switches,

console cigarette lighter

F4 10

Dashboard, Autotronic III, box

gears, differential, four-wheel drive,

switch in the cockpit neutral

IOM positions and slow travel

F5 15 Brake lights

F7 5 Electronic fuel supply module

(ECM), Reversing Light Relay

F9 15 Front axle with suspension (optional)

F11 10 Air conditioner compressor

F13 7.5 Headlight module

F14 7.5 Rearview mirror with electric

management (option)

F16 30 solenoid valve injection pump

F17 3 Brake Switch

F18 7.5 Coupling / Diagnosis

F19 25 Pneumatic seat, heated


F21 7.5 Hitch

F22 10

Start switch, switches

BOC / TOC, Dynashift control lever on

steering wheel, accelerator pedal sensor,

lighting, stop IOM, armrest

F23 30 cigarette lighter

F25 25 Emergency light alarm

F26 30 Electrical outlet

F27 25 Electronic Fuel Pump (ECM)

F28 20 Electronic Feed Control Module

fuel (ECM)

F29 15 Auto III / Auto IV

F30 15 Fuel Control Module

(ECM) thermostat

F32 10 Electronic Feed Control Module

fuel (ECM)

F33 5 Electronic Feed Control Module

fuel (ECM)

F34 10 Dipped

F35 7.5 Beep

F36 15 Side lights

F37 5 Safety Launcher

clutch switch

F38 7.5 Front left and rear right side

lights, dashboard lights

F39 20 side light switch,

parking lights

F40 15 Left turn indicator

F41 15 3rd and 4th spool valves (optional)

F44 15 Right turn indicator

F46 15 Rear Wiper

F47 10 Radio

F48 7.5 Front axle with suspension (optional)

F49 50 Cab Suspension (optional)

F50 50 Air Conditioning

F51 15 Dashboard

F52 10 Electrical outlet

F53 25 Windscreen Wiper

F54 30 Front working lights

F55 25 Rear working lights

F56 25 Rear working lights on the wings

F57 30 Work lights

F58 7.5 Module working light

F59 10 Flashing Light

F60 10 + Ignition on control relay

F61 25 Hazard warning lights

SH2 30 Fender and rail work headlights

SH4 15 Side lights

SH5 10 Dipped

SH7 15 Direction indicators

SH9 15 Direction indicators

SH11 15 Direction Indicators

SH13 15 Direction indicators

SH14 15 Direction indicators

R3 Electronic Feed Control Module

fuel (ECM)

R4 reversing lights (optional)

R5 Brake lights

R6 3rd spool valve

R7 4th spool valve

R9 Electronic fuel pump

R10 Electrical Outlet

R12 wipers timer

R14 Air Conditioning

R15 + ignition on

R16 Cab suspension (optional)

R17 Front working lights

R18 Rear work lights

R19 Rear working lights on the wings

R20 Work lights on the ramp

R21 Indicator lamp left turn

R24 Indicator lamp left turn

R27 Flashing Light

R28 Indicator lamp unit


R29 Air Conditioning Compressor

R30 Parking lock (optional)